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Digital Methods and Tools for Historical Research

Data: 18 e 19 de Novembro | Hora: 09h | Local: Sala Multisusos 2 (Edíficio ID, Piso 4)
Quando 2011-11-18 00:00 até
2011-11-19 00:00
Onde Sala Multisusos 2 (Edíficio ID, Piso 4)
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Organização: Instituto de História Contemporânea


Organizadores: Luís Espinha da Silveira e Daniel Alves


With this initiative we intend to discuss the implications of using digital technologies in the production and dissemination of knowledge in History. We seek to understand how a set of digital methodologies has influenced historical research, to discuss its advantages and disadvantages, as well as to identify innovative ways of linking the future of the digital world to the study of the past. On the first day, the meeting goes around four thematic sessions dedicated to the presentation and discussion of different methodologies (relational databases; geographic information systems; text encoding; digitization and preservation of digital memory). The program of that day closes with a conference on the significance of historical research in a digital environment. The second day will be filled with three workshops devoted to relevant digital tools for historical research, including GIS, text encoding, and reference management software. We expect this conference stimulates discussion about the interaction between History and Information Technology, and encourages its use by the academic community, especially young researchers.


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Mais informações: http://digital-methods-and-tools-for-history.blogspot.com/



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