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FCSH/NOVA researcher distinguished with ERC scholarship

Francisco Freire, a researcher at the Center for Research in Anthropology (CRIA), receives 1.2 million euros European scholarship to study the Sahara Western region.

“Critical Approaches to Politics, Social Activism, and Islamic Militancy in the Western Sahara Region (CAPSAHARA)” is the name of the project that has distinguished the anthropologist Francisco Freire with a grant from the European Research Council (ERC). The grant, with a value of € 1.2 million spread over 48 months, aims to analyze the "reconfigurations established in the socio-political vocabulary of the Western Saharan region, from the post-empire to the contemporary period”, states the researcher.

According to Francisco Freire, the work intends to analyze the social and political structures in the Western region of the Sahara and to study their local variations, to perceive their specific characteristics through social markers (age, gender, schooling) and determine their use in different periods of history. The objective is to carry out an ethnographic study that explains the current social and political structures in the region, located in a sensitive area of ​​the globe. This research will be developed by an international team of 13 researchers.

Researcher at the Research Center in Anthropology (CRIA - FCSH Pole), an FCSH/NOVA research centre, Francisco Freire holds a doctorate in Anthropology and a master degree in the same area with a thesis on colonialism and post colonialism. Between 2009 and 2015, with the funding of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), he developed the postdoctoral project "The relevance of tribal languages ​​in contemporary Muslim societies". Since 2001, he has focused his research on the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, working on political Islam, the processes of historical reconfiguration and identity of the Bidan population and, recently, the contemporary articulation of the Sahara tribal spheres.

2017-01-23 16:10
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