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CICS.NOVA study wins Best Paper award

NOVA FCSH researchers' award-winning work concludes that the recent intervention in the Central Axis of Lisbon has increased urban comfort.

Teresa Santos and José António Tenedório, researchers from CICS.NOVA, and Caio Frederico e Silva, from the University of Brasilia, won the Best Paper Award at GISTAM 2017 with a paper that concluded that there was a potential improvement in the thermal comfort of the area between Plaza Duque de Saldanha and the first two blocks of Avenida da República. The study, which compares the situation before and after the recent requalification carried out by the Lisbon city hall, aims to quantify the effects of the increase of the urban green area.

According to the researchers, in the full development situation of vegetated surfaces and considering a typical August day, the simulated results indicate a reduction in temperature by 3 Cº, a 10% increase in Relative Humidity and a reduction of 1m / s in wind speed, while maintaining the natural ventilation of the area. These improvements are mainly due to the increase in vegetation (26%), which results into new tree alignments in both the central and lateral axes, but also an increase in herbaceous vegetation due to reduction of the asphalted area. The study confirms that vegetation is a key element in urban design and that its presence contributes to the improvement of comfort in public space.

According to information available on city hall website, the intervention in the Central Axis requalified the public space of Avenida da República, Praça do Saldanha, Picoas and Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo in order to reduce noise, increase pedestrian area and comfort of Hiking, introducing cycle paths, increasing tree alignments and green areas. According to it, it was also intended to ensure parking for residents and to create places for loading and unloading.

2017-08-08 14:35
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