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Erasmus Programme


What is it?

The Erasmus Programme is a subprogramme of the LLP - Lifelong Learning Programme and is nowadays one of the most successful initiatives of the European Union in the area of education and higher education. Every year the FCSH receives more than 200 Erasmus students and provides the chance to study and work in any EU Member State or countries within the Non-EU member European space to more than 100 of its students.

Erasmus mobility enables exchanges for one semester or an academic year in European universities with immediate recognition of the study credits and with the possibility of having access to a European Commission Scholarship, calculated in accordance with the length and destination of the stay.


What is the aim?

The Erasmus Programme has the general aim of supporting and establishing a European Higher Education Area and reinforcing the contribution of higher education and advanced vocational education in the process of innovation through:

- Contribution to the development of lifelong quality learning and the possibilities enabled by it;

- Reinforcing personal fulfillment, social cohesion, active citizenship and European citizenship;

- Promotion of creativity, competitiveness and employability;

- Increasing participation in lifelong learning;

- Promotion of learning and the diversity of languages;

- Development of results, products and innovative processes.


Who can apply?

Undergraduate, Master and PhD Students.


More information available at:

EU Erasmus Programme

Erasmus Programme at FCSH



Student Recruitment and Exchange Office (GRIA)

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