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Terminology: a matter of words, a matter of things

Início: 4 de setembro

Datas: 4 a 8 de setembro | segunda a sexta-feira das 17h00 às 20h00 | Sala T5 - Torre B | dia 7 de setembro -  Sala T6 - Torre B

Docente Responsável: Rute Costa

Docentes: Christophe Roche

Áreas: Comunicação, Política, Linguagem e Filosofia



1. Understand the linguistic and the conceptual dimensions of Terminology;

2. Underline the need of relating both dimensions to conceive and build terminological resources for human and machine purposes;

3. To be able to do lexical and conceptual maps.



1. Terminology

2.  Linguistic dimension

2.1 Term

2.2 Lexical relation

2.3 Definition

3. Conceptual dimension

3.1  Concept

3.2  Conceptual relation

3.3. Ontological definition

4. Lexical and conceptual maps



Students are invited to bring their laptops.



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Christophe Roche

Rute Costa

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