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The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) provides an unusual variety of academic programmes, bringing together courses in the area of Humanities (Philosophy, Languages and Literatures, History, etc) with courses within the scope of Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Communication Sciences). All the academic programmes are adapted to the Bologna system and to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Although most courses are taught in Portuguese, there are specific programmes taught in English and most of the Faculty members are fluent in other languages, such as English, French and Spanish. Soon there will be more academic programmes provided in English, particularly regarding PhD programmes.

Teaching activities are supported by research conducted in the 25 FCSH Research Units and institutes, 16 of which achieved high classifications from international panels of experts. In these Research Units, the student may participate in research activities or develop the full research process of his master’s dissertation or PhD thesis.

Undergraduate programmes leaflet - 2014/15

Master and Postgraduate programmes leaflet - 2014/15

PhD programmes leaflet - 2014/15

FCSH also actively participates in several mobility programmes.




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